DPC leads in the China Mobile Standalone Type DC Power System Bidding

Beijing 17th September 2021

Recently, China Mobile announced the bidding results for the centralized purchase project of standalone type DC power system from 2021 to 2023. DPC, Vertiv, ZTE, Zhongheng and Huawei have won the offer, while DPC is a long way ahead.


According to the announcement, DPC ranked No.1 and won the share of 27.78%. The total bid price of DPC for the project excluding tax is 801.7 million yuan (about US$125.27 million). The winning equipment will be applied in the construction of 5G networks in cities all over the country.


As an important partner of China Mobile, DPC is committed to providing leading telecommunications systems and solutions to facilitate the network construction in the 5G era. DPCs standalone type DC power system of 300A, 600A, 1000A, 1200A, 1500A and 1800A won the bid this time will serve as an important guarantee for the normal operation of the operators telecommunications devices. Our system is designed to meet the higher capacity and versatile technical requirement. Since its launch, it has operated stably not only in the domestic market but has also applied in various scenarios and applications across the globe. In recent years, the efficiency of the system has been continuously improved. Moreover, it also has the characteristics of refined management, high adaptability, energy saving and environment friendly.


As a global leading power supplies manufacturer, DPCs mission is to “create a green world and be an expert in energy utilization”. In the future, DPC will continue to strengthen cooperation with China Mobile, providing the most efficient and reliable products to make our own effort to the construction of telecommunications network.