Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Operation Control Procedure

1. Purpose

To control the operation and activities related to the company's environmental factors and hazards, ensure that the process results meet the requirements of the environment and occupational health and safety policies, objectives and indicators, and ensure the realization of the policies, objectives and indicators.

2. Scope

It is applicable to the control of the company's environment, occupational health and safety management operation.

3. Definitions


4. Responsibilities
4.1 The Production Technology Department is responsible for the conservation and utilization of energy and resources in production activities and the maintenance of environmental protection equipment and facilities.
4.2 The Administration Department is responsible for the control of pollutants generated in office and logistics activities, the conservation and utilization of energy and resources, and the treatment of general solid waste, as well as domestic waste in dormitories and canteens.
4.3 The Human Resources Department is responsible for the publicity, education and training of energy and resource conservation.
4.4 The Business Management Department is responsible for the establishment, implementation and maintenance of the company's safety standardization, as well as the handling of hazardous chemicals and hazardous solid waste recovery units.
4.5 The Material Control Department is responsible for the control and management of hazardous chemicals.
4.6 The Finance Department is responsible for providing funds for the operation of the project and controlling the use of funds.

4.7 Each department is responsible for the classified storage of pollutants and the conservation and utilization of energy and resources according to this procedure.

5. Work Content
5.1 Flow chart
5.2 Process Description
5.2.1 Environmental operation control requirements In order to keep the places with important environmental factors under control, operation control procedures shall be established to ensure the realization of environmental policies, environmental objectives and indicators. For activities, products or services that may deviate from environmental policies, objectives and indicators due to lack of procedure control, written operation instructions shall be established and operation control parameters shall be specified to ensure that important environmental factors and posts are under control. The operation instructions provide clear guidance on the responsibilities, authorities and contents of the work, and specify operation procedures and control parameters. The operation instruction clearly requires that the production staff should know how to react once process nonconformity that may impact the environment occurs. The production staff of important environmental factors shall be trained to improve their awareness of environmental protection and ensure their ability to complete the specified work. The person in charge of places with important environmental factors shall urge his/her subordinates to operate and work in strict accordance with the requirements of relevant operation instructions, and record the inspection and operation control results every month. Implementation of operation control
a) Waste water, waste gas, noise and solid wastes shall be controlled in accordance with the Measures for the Management of Waste Water, Waste Gas, Noise and Solid Waste;
b) The use and control of resources and energy shall comply with the Measures for the Management of Water, Electricity and Oil Consumption;
5.2.2 Operation control for occupational health and safety The company shall establish a safety production team headed by the general manager. The workshop must be equipped with part-time safety officers to be responsible for the management of on-site occupational health and safety. The Measures for the Administration of the Safety Production Responsibility System shall be implemented. Operators shall be familiar with and perform their own safety responsibilities, take necessary protective equipment, be familiar with the operating environment, identify unsafe factors, and pay attention to self-protection. The Management Measures for Labor Protection Articles shall be implemented. The company shall carry out regular safety patrol according to the division of responsibilities, and immediately formulate measures and implement them when problems are found. The Management Department is responsible for the overall control of the safety protection and safe operation in the production area. In case of any illegal operation, illegal command, and unsafe hidden danger, it shall immediately correct them. If necessary, it shall stop the operator's qualification until re-training. It shall report large risks to the Safety, Health and Environment Department for coordination and handling. For operation projects with high risks and major risk factors, a management plan shall be formulated on personnel, equipment, process, protection, etc. When additional costs are required, the General Manager shall propose to ensure the control of risk hazards. The production equipment must be regularly overhauled. Its operation shall be stopped immediately in case of abnormal operation and failure of safety protection device, and can be resumed only after rectification. For the equipment listed in the national "special equipment catalog", the "Measures for the Safety Management of Special Operations Personnel and Special Operations Equipment" shall be implemented. Inflammable, explosive and toxic substances shall be stored in a well-ventilated warehouse, with obvious warning signs, and shall be inspected regularly in accordance with the Chemical Management Measures. Improve the fire safety rules and regulations, assign responsibility to each person, conduct regular inspection, and implement the Management Measures for Fire Fighting Facilities. In order to ensure the safety of electrical equipment and the safety of users, the Regulations on Safety Management of Power Distribution Room and the Measures for Power Use Management shall be strictly implemented. Employees' occupational health and labor protection shall be implemented in accordance with the Management Measures for Occupational Disease Prevention and Management Measures for Labor Protection Articles to prevent occupational diseases and safety accidents.
5.2.3 For external suppliers involved in important environmental factors and hazard sources in the products or services provided, ensure their behaviors conform to the procedures and relevant requirements according to the Management and Control Procedures for Interested Parties.
5.2.4 The Emergency Preparedness and Response Control Procedure shall be implemented for the company's emergencies In case of any safety accident, the site shall be closed and protected immediately, the injured shall be treated in a timely manner, reported to the Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Department for investigation and treatment, and reported to relevant government departments in a timely manner. The responsible department shall check and summarize the implementation of relevant objectives, indicators and plans every quarter, and report the results to the Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Department, which shall report to the management representative.

6. Relevant Documents
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