Inverter Module 1U 220/2000

1U 220/2000 is a high reliability inverter power module. When the power grid is normal, the mains supply power directly to the AC load through the internal AC bypass of the module. In the event of an abnormal situation in the power grid, the power module will invert the 48VDC into 220VAC and supply it to the AC load. It is specially designed for communication, transportation and power system applications.

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●   Convenient to use

Height 1U, width 2.5U, power 2000VA, small size, light weight, easy installation and use.

●   Easy power switching

Built-in bypass switch, power supply and inverter quick switching, switching time 10ms.

●   Digital control

ARM control, simple and reliable line.

●   High reliability design

One fan front-to-back air flow with latest thermal solution and experienced design.

●   Convenient battery maintenance

It is allowed to cut off the dc in the starting state and automatically switch to the mains bypass without affecting the power supply of the load.

●   Global approvals

CE certified.


●   AC voltage: 187242VAC (Nominal 220VAC)

●   Battery voltage: 4253VDC (Nominal 48VDC)

●   Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz±2.5Hz


●   Rated voltage: Normal state: consistent with the power supply; Inverter state: 220VAC±3%

●   Power: 2000W

●   Frequency: Normal state: consistent with the power supply; Inverter state: 50Hz or 60Hz±2.5Hz

●   Output efficiency: Main power mode ≥98%; Under the contravariant operation mode ≥90%

●   THDi: <5%

●   Switching time between mains and battery: ≤10ms

●   Output power factor: ≥0.8

●   Pilot lamp: The red light indicates fault; The yellow light indicates alarm; The green light indicates normal

●   Alarm: Output over/under voltage

●   Telemetry function: Input voltage, output voltage, output current, output frequency, battery voltage, charging current, battery temperature.

●   Remote communication function: Normal operation, emergency operation, main power failure, inverter failure, overload, battery (group) discharge voltage depression.

●   Function of remote control: Can provide remote monitoring mode, and can interface function, realize alarm upload and remote control functions.

Other Specifications

●   Operating temp: -10℃55℃ (>40℃, derating use)

●   Storage temp: -40℃70℃

●   Operating relative humidity: ≤90 (40℃±2℃, non-condensing)

●   Altitude: 2000m (>2000m, derating use)

●   IP level: IP20

●   Overload: Rated power 120%, keep 60min

●   Output protection: Current limiting protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection, battery protection

●   Communication interface: RS485, dry contact

●   Cooling: One fan (front to back airflow)

●   Fan speed: Temperature and output current regulated

●   MTBF: >300,000 hours (T_ambient:25℃)

●   Acoustic noise: ≤55dB at full load (T_ ambient <30℃)

●   Dimensions: 108W x 41.4H x 278D (mm)

●   Weight: 2.5Kg